Finding Purpose

Many people are looking for their Purpose in life, but they are confused what is their purpose, or how to find their purpose. What they should be looking for is a fulfilled life, a happy life, and to do that you need to look for your potential, become what your potential is telling you. When you become your potential you would have had to reach, to become, and most would rather be lazy and not change anything at all

Potential is God giving you your talents, so many wish God would give them talents or gifts but do not realize that he has already and that they are buried within your potential, Potential makes one strive for it, if it was easy you would not love it as much, you would take it for granted, you would be spoiled so you have to work a little for it, that`s why it is buried in you, and  ready for discovery

A fulfilled life is happiness, and if one is fulfilled then they would not being looking for purpose, people looking for purpose usually have a unfulfilled life

Sometimes their are purposeful things that happen to some in their life, like saving someone else`s life, or being at the right place at the right time, it gives you a sense of purpose, however it usually stands out so much because most have unfulfilled lives, people with fulfilling lives are happy with life and are not looking for purpose

They know that they have to make a purposeful life, and they do that by looking deep within and look at what is their potential, potential gives you a sense or worth, you feel blessed, you feel lucky, you feel loved and should because its from above