Extraordinary People

The Extraordinary teachers of the world are the ones that struggled the most and had a very hard child life
but once they overcome their troubles, they often feel they want to help others and often do

They were Unloved, Beaten, Raped,  became a Drug addict or Alcoholic, some were insecure, some had anxiety or depression or simply felt ugly, there are so many other ailments as well

The average person who comes from and average loving home, will get an average job, probably with the government, and have a kid or two and will live an average life. However they are the ones with the most boring lives, and they do not have much to teach society, because they have not overcome much

Lets look at some of these Extraordinary people who have overcome their terrible situations and let`s be inspired by them, many without a college education, their street smart, and very smart indeed

Some are ready- Others coming soon
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                 Anthony Robbins
David Goggins

Les Brown
Liz Murray
Homeless to harvard
 Jack Ma

Steve Jobs
 Wayne Dyer

Zig Ziglar

Oprah Winfrey

Nelson Mandella

Mother Theresa

Stephan King

Mahatma Gandhi

Ben Underwood

Mandy Harvey

God made us all to be much more than we are, we settled for a secure life, a life with little or no pain, No Pain -No gain so they say, pain makes one grow and strive for a better life. Most are complacent and lazy and do not realize how important it is to have some struggles in life, to always be striving for more

Give any kid everything on a silver platter and you have ruined them, spoiled kids, and society has a lot of these spoiled ones thinking they are entitled because Momma spoiled them

Your Potential is what you are suppose to be, most bury their potential because of negative thoughts of I can`t do that, who will listen to me, I`m not good enough, it`s a sad mind set. To become your potential you will need to have a new mind set, to tell the subconscious mind positive things and get the subconscious mind to believe it, this is the hard part but once it is done you will have more self worth and a higher self esteem

Close your eyes and dream what you wish you were - then become that

My new book will explain the process perfectly - Cure The Soul ... coming soon

Hard work and pain is the name of the game, no short-cuts, we all have to struggle, so let`s get started